Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen Morocco 29.jpg

Chefchaouen is a MAGICAL place. It is a tiny little town up in the mountains (and really far away from any other city you might visit in Morocco), entirely painted blue. What a fantastic idea! I have heard a few different stories explaining why, from symbolizing the sky (and therefore, God) to keeping mosquitos away (mosquitos don't like blue?). I think it is probably because it looked REALLY GOOD. People kept commenting that my photos looked like paintings, but it seriously feels like you are walking around in a painting there. It is such a special little place, one that I actually don't have a long list of recommendations for, because the way to enjoy Chefchaouen is to just walk around and explore it.

We stayed at Casa Perleta, which was a perfect location, and its rooftop was stunning with its blue walls and striking pink flowers and pillows. Eating breakfast up there wasn't enough so I usually popped up whenever we stopped in for a nap. We hired a driver to take us there from Fez (the ride was about 3.5 hours and $150), and then from there to the airport in Tangier (about 2.5 hours and $50). We stayed two days, which felt like plenty of time to see everything the city had to offer.

One of the best things about Chefchaouen is that since it is so small and so inconvenient to get to, there are far fewer tourists, which means WAY better deals. We finally bought a rug once we got there, and they kept saying that we would pay double in Marrakech. I know they were trying to sell us on it, but I totally believe that. And since I told our rug guy I would tell all of my friends about him, his name was Garanti, and he garanti'd that we would be happy with our rug forever. And I know we will. Actually walking out of a shop with a rug was one of my happiest moments of this trip.

Ahhhhh I am so sad it is all over. It has been so fun to re-live this trip by going through photos and writing up blog posts. I seriously can't wait to go back to this incredible country. I still have a lot left to see on my list! And if you are even slightly considering going, I can't recommend it enough!! Run, don't walk. Morocco is a MUST. And enjoy it for me as I'll be over here having fomo the whole time.