Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca Morocco 1.jpg

Whenever we mentioned to anyone in Morocco that we were going to Casablanca, they exclaimed, "Ah! You will not like it!" Wrong! The Hassan II Mosque is completely awe-inspiring and totally worth the trip (also the only place I took pictures, other than the view of it from our hotel). Also I am totally opening myself up to judgment here, but we made the trek over to Chili's for a molten lava cake...which I am only slightly mortified about. Hey, I am an American living 5000 miles away from home and I need to take my comforts where I can find them. We only spent a day in Casablanca, but it was a great place to stop along the long road from Marrakech to Fez. And in two weeks full of riads, it was nice to spend a couple of nights in a suite with room service and completely reliable wifi. Win win win!