Where to stay in Fez: Riad Anata

Finding an exceptional place to stay really MAKES a trip, in my opinion. Riad Anata ticked all of my boxes: photogenic (double tick, maybe triple for those pink chairs), well located, comfortable, the kindest staff, and good food. Bonus points for a beautiful rooftop (complete with flowers) and a bathroom big enough that we could fit the crib in there (Julian sleeps way better in his own room behind a closed door).

^^Our bed that I looked forward to getting into every night (and maybe even sometimes during Julian's naptime). Also I wanted to sneak that blanket into my bag SO BAD.

^^I always appreciate being provided a robe because there is nothing I would rather wear on vacation.

^^More things I wanted to take home with me. This pillow. That chair.

^^This little courtyard was right outside the door to our room, and we (mostly Julian) loved having double the space to explore.

^^I might have been tempted to take things, but Jules just went for it (insert that emoji monkey covering his face because I was SO embarrassed, but of course Valerie couldn't have been nicer and just gave him some of this beautiful thread).

^^No better place for a Moroccan breakfast every morning!

^^And definitely no better place for a hammock.

Riad Anata Fez Morocco 11.jpg

Thank you to Valerie and her team at Riad Anata for the wonderful stay. Here's hoping next time we get to stay longer!