Where to stay in New York City: The Quin Hotel

Okay The Quin Hotel wins for my favorite place I have ever stayed in New York. The location is perfect, the design is beautiful, and can we talk about those terraces!? Is anyone sick of me talking about those terraces!? One of my favorite things is to see a city from above, and it was such a treat to have that built into my hotel room. But wait, there's more: the staff was SO sweet (presents for Julian!?), the beds were so comfy, and bonus points for the hotel being connected with The Wayfarer, which is totally delicious (and also gorg). When it was pouring rain and the wind was blowing us sideways, we were so grateful for a door that led straight to The Wayfarer, so we didn't even have to walk outside. We were so sad when it came time to leave. I would be delighted if we were still staying there and had never left.

^^That gorgeous lobby! I'm obsessed with the ceiling.

^^While we were there, this series of D'Angelico guitars was on display, each created by a different artist. The artists ranged from photo-realist painters to street artists, so there was quite a variation! I love that The Quin uses their main floor as a gallery space. It definitely makes me want to go back and see what exhibition is on next.

^^This room! You can see why I wanted to move in.

^^The view from our terrace. Now you can REALLY see why I wanted to move in.

^^I am still drooling over these sweets. Those chocolate covered strawberries were actually the best I have ever had. I know I am dramatic about a lot of things, but I am being totally serious about this.

^^Julian's presents!! He is still clutching onto that little doggie.

^^SO pumped. Until I told him he couldn't have any of that champagne. Sorry buddy!

^^I think this is the first photo I have ever posted on this blog of a bathroom, but I thought it was so pretty! And honestly these Fresh products that were basically full size were such a luxury. I never would have thought that hotel toiletries would make me giddy but these ones really did. It's the little things...

^^Ah, here's The Wayfarer. The prettiest place.

^^And the yummiest brunch.

^^I want my next birthday party to be in this room.

^^Back to our room. I'm trying to teach him what a good view is.

^^And on our last day, there was SUN!

Thank you so much to The Quin for hosting us! It was literally perfect in every way.