Where to stay in Dubai: Shangri-La Hotel

I am convinced that the best way to see Dubai is to stay at the Shangri-La. Can you imagine a better view? I know I have said this before but I would much rather see the most famous building in town than get the view from it, so I prefer the Shangri-La's roof top to the view from the Burj Khalifa itself hands down. You can also see the Burj Al Arab, the Palm in the distance, and if you look closely, The World Islands (I am fascinated by these islands [one for each country in the world] that they spent $14 billion to develop, sold a handful of them, TWO have been developed, and now what?! I wonder all the time). But, I know, looks aren't everything. The Shangri-La is also perfectly located for anything you want to do in town, they have fantastic dining options (and a Cold Stone basically next door, don't ask me how many times I went), and the nicest staff you can imagine.

^^The lobby I would like to live in.

^^And the chandelier I would like to have.

^^These. Flowers. (When are we going to get emojis for our computers so that I can stick an OMG face right here!?)

^^Our Dubai home away from home.

^^Hotel rooms are better with fresh flowers in them.

^^And they are also better with SWEETS. This was the perfect spread!

^^Pool with a view.

^^Speaking of views...they clearly didn't want the outdoor pool to feel left out.

^^SO happy. Sorry we ever had to leave, Jules.

^^Shang Palace, where we had so much Dim Sum we actually had to skip dessert (I NEVER DO THAT).

^^A few more from the top because this is seriously my happy place in Dubai. And I am SO PROUD of my long exposure shot that I took without a tripod. I never knew I had such steady hands but maybe I should have been a surgeon. Or a photographer!

Thank you so much for hosting us, Shangri-La!