Dubai...with a baby

This trip to Dubai was slightly different than my last one...because this time I had A BABY with me. And it was still great! Yay! Julian has been an amazing little traveler (he has been to 9 countries already!), but we have definitely adjusted our pace since he came along. We don't cram as much in, we try to limit carseat time, sometimes we go back to the hotel for a nap (sometimes for all of us...), and we are always stuck in a dark and quiet hotel room after bedtime (this is where a suite comes in handy). This trip was a whole lot of relaxing (sleeping in, napping, swimming), but we still managed to get out and show Julian some things in Dubai that we thought he would enjoy.


Dubai Miracle Garden

Who wouldn't love a colorful world of flowers taking forms you never would have even thought of? Heart tunnels, gigantic airplanes (I think that is actually a real airplane covered in flowers), even a mini Burj Khalifa! This place is insane, and in typical Dubai fashion, it is THE LARGEST flower garden in the world, with over 100 million flowers on display. Whoa. Julian loved it so much that it put him into a peaceful sleep that lasted the entire time we were there.


Burj Khalifa

Duh. We couldn't take him to Dubai and not show him the tallest building in the world. He was AMAZED. I don't know if it was the building or just the bright sun that he rarely sees. He was kind of whatever about the fountain show, while I was in tears. Just watch.


Madinat Jumeirah

This is like a big hotel complex, but there is also a souk that is fun to wander around and you get fantastic views of the Burj Al Arab. Also, any place that serves burgers with mozzarella sticks on top gets my vote.


Burj Al Arab

Because we had Julian with us, we decided against booking something (anything!) at the Burj Al Arab so that we could see the inside. Because it is so fancy, that's the only way to get in. We just felt like afternoon tea (I think that is the cheapest option of anything you can book to get inside) might be more work than it would be worth with a squirmy little buddy that doesn't have that much fun sitting still on your lap. So that is two trips to Dubai for me without going inside. I guess I will have to go back. 


Dubai Aquarium

Does it get any more kid friendly than this!? Julian doesn't know, but we went here ENTIRELY for him. I hope he liked it. This is not the kind of place we would ever pay $100 to go (okay maybe it was 100 dirhams...). But it was really fun to hold him up to the glass and see him reach out to the sharks. Slash scary.

Where we stayed coming up!!