Last New Year's, we met a couple of besties for a party in Panama. After planning to go to the San Blas Islands (the part of our trip I was THE most excited for), and subsequently discovering I was pregnant, we had to nix that part of the agenda (bc malaria pills). Being so bummed about that set me up perfectly to be over the moon about how much more I loved Panama City than I expected to! We melted while walking around these colorful streets, watched the locks go so so slowly up and down, and spent more time at our hotel than I ever have on any trip because it was the best. And any city with a Frank Gehry is a win in my book. Especially when it is in color!

^^Leftovers from Christmas in Casco Viejo.

^^Not the first person to take this photo. Won't be the last. Not sorry.

Panama 4.jpg

^^So much eye candy in Casco Viejo.

^^The Biomuseo designed by Frank Gehry. No, I didn't care at all what was inside.

^^Loved every corner of the American Trade Hotel. The library on the left, the coffee shop on the right. See why we never wanted to leave?

^^More remains from Christmas. So glad they left them up into January.

^^Pretending I don't feel like crap 24 weeks pregnant! I can't believe Julian lived inside of me then.

^^I kind of wished I didn't already have a Panama hat from America so I could have bought one from Panama.

Panama 15.jpg

^^And the best room in the American Trade Hotel for last. Oh wait. Except our room, which I am still mad at myself I didn't take a picture of. If you go, definitely definitely book yourself a Panorama room and thank me later.

Also, I have no picture, but we LOVED our meal at Caliope. Especially the short ribs. Also we loved the Sweet Tarts from the grocery store across the street (the things I miss about America and its neighbors).

Feliz AƱo Nuevo!