The Alhambra

The first stop on our tour of Southern Spain was Granada. We went there entirely to visit the Alhambra, where it is more than easy to spend an entire day (or two, or three). What a place! It is a Moorish palace surrounded by gorgeous gardens, adorned with Arabic writing pretty enough to be artwork all by itself, and covered in one of my favorite things: tiles! It was so fun to wander around this place, even if we had LOTS of competition. A tip: go around the back of the bookshop to grab your tickets from a yellow self-serve machine (if you aren't prepared enough to buy them online in advance). When we went, there was a line with a wait of about an hour, but we found those machines and got tickets in two seconds!

^^Filing this under ideas for my home one day when I have a home.

^^Ummm. This too.

^^The view of Granada from the palace.

^^I'm still shocked we managed to get a pic here of just me. I think we had a three second window. It was seriously SO crowded!

^^These tiles! I'm still drooling.

^^See what I mean about those inscriptions? So gorgeous. I need to learn it and write it all over my own walls.