One of my favorite things in the world is when my expectations of a place are exceeded (it happened this entire trip), and Heidelberg is at the top of that list. I had never dreamt of going there, but my dad recommended it when we were brainstorming day trips from Mainz, Chad thought I would like it, and I was game. Well I did not like it. I LOVED it. I think I took the most photos this day (and narrowing it down to the 18 here was not easy) as I dragged by chin on the ground because every corner I turned I was struck by a street more charming than the last. Heidelberg is an old university town with so much to offer: a gorgeous castle on the hill (what is a trip to Germany without a castle?), incredible views across the river (I love to see a place from above, even when you have to hike to see it), a colorful and charming old town (and I am SO into color and charm), and masses of fall foliage (which just make everything better, right?).

We had a pretty simple itinerary here. We parked our car near the beginning of the Philosopher's Walk and headed up the hill. We stopped along the way (probably ten times, you could definitely stop less than I did and still have plenty of good pictures), huffed and puffed, and were grateful when the path started moving downhill. We walked across the river and from there went to the main square and explored all of the little side streets. After a few hours it was time to head back to the hotel, but I could have spent a week here. And the entire time I kept saying to Chad, "This would be SO incredible with a Christmas market in it!" We did trade fall leaves for Christmas markets, which I totally appreciated, but this is definitely going on the Christmas market list for the future (that list is very long--I would like to see them all).