25 Things to do in Copenhagen

1. Nyhavn

It's #1 for a reason, and I think it lives up to the hype. The most popular spot in Copenhagen (at least according to Instagram), Nyhavn is an absolute joy with its rows of colorful buildings providing the perfect backdrop for the rows of colorful boats. I resent that big white van in my classic Nyhavn shot, but there's only so long you can wait for everyone to clear out of your picture.


2. Grundtvigs Kirke

Kind of out of the way, DEFINITELY worth a visit. The simplicity of the yellow brick and lack of ornamentation was so striking and unique. It also helped that we had the place to ourselves. I would like to spend more time going to church here.


3. Larslejsstræde

Okay perfect house. I would like to see you in every season. Bonus: it's right around the corner from what we really came for:


4. Sankt Peders Bageri

YUM. I know what you're thinking, and it was my first thought as well: NOT ENOUGH FROSTING. But I'll tell you how to deal with this. Unfortunately, you will have to write off the outside ring as a loss. Simply remove that and throw it away (or give it to your husband). The remaining rings have frosting on the INSIDE, providing enough to balance out the bread. But it was seriously melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I only wish they had extra sides of frosting for sale like Cinnabon.


5. VM Husene

There were so many cool buildings around Orestad, VM Husene being the first one that caught my eye! Those balconies! They don't look like the very most practical shape, but they look fantastic to all of us standing down below.


6. Kronprinsensgade

I'm guessing these are just leftover Christmas lights, but my hope is that they are a permanent fixture of this lovely street.


7. Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)

Copenhagen 5.jpg

This wide, winding ramp was made to allow for horses and carriages to get all the way up to the top! And strollers too, I guess, as they must have had Julian in mind. This is a beautiful structure. Like Grundtvigs Kirke above, I thought the minimalist and clean style was so beautiful. Gahhhh there is so much to love about Copenhagen!


8. Magstræde

All good choices were made in the building of this street and the painting of its buildings and the parking of bikes on it. Picture perfect.


9. Orestad Plejecenter

More crazy buildings around Orestad. There is a whole lot of nothing out there and piles of construction, it will be really interesting to see this area change over the next few years. What other balconies do they have in store for us!?


10. Hotel D'Angleterre

This polar bear party was everything. And I appreciated the fake icicles because I don't think I saw any real ones this winter (things I miss out on by not spending Christmas in Utah).


11. Tivoli

Oh. My. Goodness. Tivoli is a magical wonderland. I had lots of friends telling me "oh you have to see it in the summer with all of the flowers," but I seriously can't imagine it being better than it was during the holidays! I guess we will HAVE to go back. And I'm not a big Disney person (please don't hate me) but I think I will have a whole new appreciation for the theme park after knowing Tivoli served as inspiration.


12. Tycho Brahe Planetarium

We didn't actually go inside the planetarium. This one makes the list because of how cool the wall was outside of it. Shallow? Sorry.


13. Tietgenkollegiet

This is not what my college dorm looked like. Lucky ducks.


14. Krusemyntegade

More lucky ducks, the people who live on Krusemyntegade and the cute and colorful streets around it. Except when strangers take pictures of their front doors. Whoops. Sorry again! 


15. Rosenborg Castle

I hear "castle" and I am there. See my Germany archive if you are interested in proof.


16. Bella Sky Hotel

It's not every trip I snap a dozen photos of the local Marriott, but this one went above and beyond. I'm grateful our hotel was out of Copenhagen cards so we had to go to this one.


17. Axelborg Building

Walking into the Axelborg Building was kind of like walking into a trippy dream. I don't know why it glows yellow, and these layers of railings all the way up to the ceiling look like some kind of kaleidoscope. The freakiest thing is that they have continuously moving elevators without doors, so you hop right on and hop right off at whatever floor you want to go to. It kind of felt like one of the scary rides at Disney.


18. Hørgårdens Aktivitetshuset

This might be my most random item on the list. It was right on the way to the dorms, and I thought it was super cool with the rainbow colors and the dramatic shape, so here you go. I tried to find what it was called after on google maps and this was as close as I could get. Good luck finding it if you want to!


19. Mountain Dwellings

For your outdoorsy fix in Copenhagen. More wild apartments in Orestad.


20. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The Louisiana Museum (named for the owner's three wives [at different times], ALL called Louise, can you believe that?) was amazing. It has a fantastic permanent collection (including a Yayoi Kusama infinity room! Permanently!), really interesting exhibitions (my favorite was a collection of photos by Taryn Simon of "hidden and unfamiliar" American stories--so much good stuff), and the location! On the water! It's perfect (albeit far away). Go. 


21. Palads

All other movie theaters, take note! You look better covered in blazing bright colors! (We didn't see a movie here either, just went for the outside.)


22. Superkilen

It probably makes the most sense to go here if you have a skateboard, but I think a camera is a good enough reason too.


23. Christianshavn

Another canal, more colorful houses, more colorful boats, WAY less people.


24. Horten

Oh wait. This one might be the most random. I saw a photo of this building years ago, and when we went to go find it, we found ourselves in a business park full of accounting firms and banks. Chad laughed his head off at me, saying "we come to Copenhagen and you take pictures of PwC." Um, PwC is the building next door, duh.


25. Gasoline Grill

I don't have a picture of this one! I blew it! But it's important. Get the BUTTER BURGER. Instead of sauce, they douse your patty in BUTTER. Why didn't I ever think of doing this!? It was seriously so good. I almost ordered a second.