Cologne Christmas Market

Whoa. The Cologne Christmas Market was something else. I should say markets, because there are seven of them, and they were all unique. The main one (pictured above) was right by the cathedral, and had no shortage of lights (or Christmas cheer). And bonus: they are on all day AND night. I was pretty jet-lagged on this trip since I had just flown back from Utah and I kept waking up at 5:00am, so our first morning here I walked all around town to get the lay of the land and it was really cool (and kind of scary if I am being totally honest) to see these markets all lit up with basically NO ONE else there.

^^When we decide it is the right time to start our Christmas village collection, we will be back.

^^SOMEONE loves Christmas!!

^^That row of houses that has had me longing to visit Cologne for years. Not Christmassy, but one of my very favorite things to see here.

^^Another neighborhood, another market.

^^Market goodies. I love buying up ornaments. We have been collecting them since we moved to Europe and so our tree is covered in several different countries (although heavily German). I have never eaten those gingerbread hearts but I always think they look so cute.

^^This was my FAVORITE of all of the markets. There were little gnomes sitting on top of all of the beautifully decorated market stalls, and everything they were selling seemed handmade by a local, from leather goods to delicious sweets.

^^Case in point.

^^More gnomes! Skiing! Aren't they SO cute!? That ski lift was continuously moving.

^^I'm a sucker for a wreath, especially when it is shaped like a star.

^^And another picture, in the same spot, because THOSE GUYS!! I don't know how to do emojis on my computer but I would caption this with ten heart eye faces if I could.