Ronda and Cordoba

We made two quick stops on the road from Granada to Seville to see Puente Nuevo in Ronda and the Mezquita in Cordoba. Even if you don't have very much time to spend, it is totally worth an hour or two to see both of these spots. Chad and I always rate sights 1-5 (trying to keep 5's to a minimum, which can be hard for my enthusiastic self, but Chad keeps me in check) and both of these got a 5. We are wholeheartedly in agreement about Puente Nuevo, but I don't think Chad was quite as excited about the Mezquita as I was. After learning about it years ago in art history classes and being enamored of the stripes back then, I was totally giddy there.


That bridge seriously took my breath away when I first saw it! It is so imposing, and the setting is magnificent between that steep canyon and with the waterfall at the bottom! It really is unlike anything else I have ever seen. Following our google maps took us right to the top of it (and it was NOT an easy town to drive around or get out of), but to get the view from below (the best one, in my opinion), drive down Calle del Prado and you will end at a little parking lot and you can walk up a path to get to the spot where we took the photos above.



This was one of those dream come true places that I have seen for years in photos and always wanted to see in person and I was so thrilled that we go to! We didn't do anything else in Cordoba because we didn't really have the time to spend, but I was so glad we got to stop to see this place. It is a really wild place--originally a cathedral, then split between a mosque and a cathedral, and finally turned back into a cathedral. AND COVERED IN STRIPES. Orange ones! If you go at 8:00am before it opens, you can get in for free, and be basically alone. Win win!