We spent the most time in Seville of all of our Southern Spain stops, and there was so much to do and see! I still regret not being able to explore food more but #secondtrimester (there was lots of buttered noodles from room service this trip). The architecture, the colors, the tiles, everything was stunning. And the weather was beautiful in late November! None of this was surprising as it is the fairytale setting of Dorne. It is probably wrong for me to refer to anything in Game of Thrones as "fairytale" but this place really was so beautiful. And we just forgot the bad things that happened there (in Dorne, not in Seville) as we wandered around in awe.

^^The Alcazar, probably the most mandatory of everything to be seen in Seville. The photo above is there as well.

^^Gosh I have a thing for doors. I can't help it. Why are they so pretty!?

^^The mosaics at Casa de Pilatos were unreal.

^^The Plaza de Espana. WOW. I wish there was a photo that could do this place justice, but I haven't seen one. The building is a huge semi-circle with a canal following the curve of the building. There are bridges going over the canal, and boats rowing along it. It is so, so beautiful. And humongous.

^^Details of one of the bridges.

^^And these incredible benches that went the length of the whole building. Behind each bench is a different province of Spain painted on ceramic tiles with a map and drawings. You can see it better in the photo above!

^^Not to be dramatic, but bullfighting really does make me sick. I had no interest in watching a fight, but we did do a tour of the arena just to learn more about it. It was interesting, the structure was really pretty (just like everything else in Seville), but it also made me sad.

^^The exterior of the Bullring.

^^There were orange trees EVERYWHERE. This town smelled so good.

^^And last but not least, our hotel: Hotel Alfonso XIII. It was a sight to be seen all on its own.

^^Seriously such an incredible building. And a dang good breakfast too. It was incredibly located, and nearly as pretty as some of the buildings we paid entrance fees to go see!! We loved it.

One more thing: a flamenco show! We didn't take any photos but it was really fun and Seville is where the dance originated. Definitely a must-do!