The Cotswolds

FINALLY. We made it to the Cotswolds! I have wanted to go since we moved to London two years ago, but planning even just a weekend trip there has always felt overwhelming to me because there are so many little villages, and a million B&B's/vacation rentals/little inns, and not many hotels. But when my parents came to visit and we urgently needed to come up with a place to stay for a weekend outside of London, I threw this trip together. And it was PERFECT. We found an amazing little cottage to rent and went to the cutest villages in the entirety of the Cotswolds, I'm convinced. There. I've done all the work for you.


Castle Combe

Isn't this place a fairy tale? I think Castle Combe was my favorite place we visited. Definitely the most picturesque. Somehow I got photos without people in them, but the place really was swarming. So go early, or go anytime besides the summer so you can wander around alone!



Stow-on-the-Wold was cute enough, but the main draw here was the SWEETS. The Cotswold Sweet Company was filled with all kinds of colorful candies and chocolates. And ROLY'S FUDGE. Oh my gosh. I actually always thought I didn't like fudge but then I tried this stuff. It literally melts in your mouth and the flavors were so scrumptious. Chocolate and salted caramel were my favorites. I liked to take a bite of both at the same time.



I think Arlington Row is the prettiest street in all of the UK (yes, even beating Saint Lukes Mews). This is another place you should definitely go early if you want the place to yourself, but it was more spread out so even in the middle of the day, it didn't feel quite as crowded as Castle Combe. Don't miss Bibury!!



Barnsley is the tiny little village where we stayed, and this last photo is a picture of Winterberry Cottage, which we rented for the weekend! I was totally expecting something to be wrong with this place since we were able to get it on such short notice, but it was amazing. It was centrally located, super cozy, and adorable! I'm definitely hoping to go back again and again.