Exploring Swabia (with a detour to Bavaria)

I will admit, when Chad first got a work project in Stuttgart, I wasn't over the moon about going to visit him there. I didn't know much about Stuttgart, and upon doing some research, there wasn't really anything I was dying to do there. But when I branched out and discovered what we could do if we hopped in a car, the possibilities were endless, especially if we were willing to go as far as Bavaria (and we were, duh).


Lichtenstein Castle

Is this not the ultimate fairy tale? I died over this place. The castle looks like it is going to fall off the side of the mountain into that valley at any minute. Let's hope that it doesn't so that we can save our pennies and buy it one day.



Okay that was a lot of photos of Tübingen. But it was so charming!! We broke up the castle hopping with a quick stop here to see the small and adorable university town filled with colorful buildings, shutters, and flower boxes. I need to step up my game at home.


Hohenzollern Castle

This is Hogwarts in real life! I know Neuschwanstein is the most popular castle in Germany that everybody goes to, but WHY ISN'T HOHENZOLLERN!? The setting is unreal, the castle itself is so majestic. There are a lot of good choices for favorite castle in Germany, but I think this takes the cake for me.


Museum Ritter

I got so much joy out of visiting the Ritter Sport factory, museum, and store in Waldenbuch. Mostly there was just SO MUCH chocolate in flavors you never even knew existed and in sizes five times what you can find at the grocery store. I think that after going here, we didn't even eat real food for the rest of the trip. This is where I discovered the cornflake variation, which I have since ordered from Amazon because I CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE.


Linderhof Palace

This was Ludwig II's little hunting lodge that people (well, people I know) skip all the time to just go see Neuschwanstein. I did the first time I went! But don't! It is super close and super lovely.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Last but not least! This castle really is magnificent. It is obviously incredible to see from the outside, but it has been (for me) the most fun to tour the inside. Ludwig II was obsessed with Wagner, so there are references to his operas throughout the place, and there is even a grotto, which was the most strange and unexpected thing I have ever found in a castle! Take me back here when it is snowing and I will die happy.