Risking my life in Norway

If you are feeling dangerous, may I suggest a weekend in Stavanger? The city itself is actually very safe and cute, filled with adorable pastel colored houses and super expensive convenience stores and mediocre restaurants. Side note: if you go to Norway, don't go for the good eats. Oh wait, except for the Oreo dream bar from Deli de Luca--go for that. But the real reason to go to Stavanger is twofold: primarily and most popularly to go to Preikestolen (or as many Americans know it, Pulpit Rock), while on the riskier (and maybe even downright stupider?) side you have Kjeragbolten (THE BOLT!).


It was a lifelong dream of mine to visit this site. I didn't always dream of the hike up, which kind of felt like doing the stairmaster for an hour straight, but the price to pay was SO worth it. And it is actually super easy, just steep. But anyone could do the hike, there isn't a high level of skill required. If I could offer one word of advice, it would be to go as early as you possibly can. In the beginning, we were able to get some photos without other people in them, and in the photo of the entire rock, you can see what it looked like after something like fifteen minutes. We were even lucky enough to have a bride and groom with us up there! And honestly, I think these things are cool in any kind of weather, rain or fog (see the next experience).


I was hesitant about this one. A boulder is stuck between two cliffs, and thousands of people hop out on it to pose over and over again. Oh yeah, and the only thing between that boulder and the fjord 3,000 feet below is AIR. Could you die? Yes. Yes, you could. Very easily. And I can't stop having nightmares about it since we left. I will honestly never go back (and I will never let Chad), but it really is SO COOL. On the day that we went, it was pure fog. I couldn't even see the fjord below. This detracted slightly from the experience, but it was still so amazing. And actually, I left feeling pretty grateful, because I don't know if I could have gone out there actually being able to see the water so far below. Being surrounded by fog was a bit of a safety net. And with that, I hope to never see that place again!