Sailing in Croatia

Because the best way to see Croatia is by boat, we chartered one for a week of sailing up and down the Dalmatian Coast. Unfortunately we couldn't make a yacht happen (like the one pictured that belongs to Roman Abramovich and cost $500 million to build). It was a tight squeeze down in the cabins below, but we spent most of our time lying on mattresses on the front of the boat while sailing, which was super dreamy. We had a crew of two that not only transported us, but that also made all of our meals! We loved them (we used Gulet Pulenat). My favorite activity was relaxing on the boat while we sailed from place to place (and everyone else loved stopping in the middle of nowhere along the way for a dip in the FREEZING Adriatic Sea), but here are a few of my favorite stops:

  • I didn't go to Croatia prepared to hike, but hike we did. We found Europe's version of the Great Wall of China, the Walls of Ston, and we climbed all the way to the top. Tiring, yes, but the views up there were fantastic, and it was super cool to see the longest fortress wall second only to China's.
  • We had so much fun exploring the island of Korcula, which claims to be the birth place of Marco Polo. As exciting as that is though, we skipped the Marco Polo museum and went straight to rent scooters and buzz around the island. We came across delicious seafood, lovely beaches, and charming towns.
  • We all agreed that Gastro Mare was the best dining experience of our lives. It is only accessible by boat, so it felt very secluded and so so special. There is no menu, you just get whatever the chef feels like giving you. That usually scares me but in this case, the chef clearly knew best. The service was fantastic, the food was unbelievable, and the location couldn't be beat.
  • We sailed out of and back to Dubrovnik, so we were able to see it twice. It is one of the coolest cities I have ever seen, with the heavy wall surrounding it and filled with bright orange roofs. It also doesn't hurt that it is the setting for King's Landing in Game of Thrones! We didn't find any Lannisters, but loved wandering the tiny alley ways and walking on top of the city walls all the same.