Berner Oberland, Switzerland


  • The Lauterbrunnen Valley has to be one of the top five prettiest places I have ever seen in my life, and I can't imagine that there is a better view than from Wengen (photos 2, 4, 7, 8, 16, 18), a little carless village at the top of the mouth of the canyon. Basically anywhere that you are in town, you can look straight down the valley for the most stunning view (photos 1, 17).
  • We went paragliding (!!!), jumping off the mountain from the village of Murren (look closely and you can see this little village across the valley in photo 20), and because they charged us $40 for the photos they took on the GoPro, I am saving those for their very own post. Up next!
  • There is a train system that goes all over the mountains in this region. We took it starting from Lauterbrunnen straight to Wengen, where we stayed, and from there we took it almost to the Top of Europe, or the Jungfraujoch, which sits between two mountains, the Jungfrau and the Eiger. Unfortunately when we went, there was ZERO visibility up there, so we took it to the stop just before it and had a very nice "hike" back down to Wengen. I loved "hiking" here because you can take the train up, and then stroll downhill!
  • One valley over is Grindelwald (photo 12), where a lot of people go to stay. It was SO beautiful, but I still think the Lauterbrunnen Valley wins. Regardless, this is a gorgeous valley to stop by and see.
  • We drove through Bern (photo 24) on our way back to the airport. I wouldn't recommend staying here over spending time up in the mountains, but if you can hop off the highway to drive through this beautiful little town, it is worth seeing the capital!


  • I just wanted to eat melted cheese our whole trip, and we fulfilled the dream at Hotel Oberland (photo 21) in Lauterbrunnen with fondue. It was SO good. I never did get any raclette, but I guess that just means that we NEED to go back, right?
  • You will see Movenpick ice cream all over the place, and you should buy some at every opportunity. Swiss Chocolate was my favorite flavor. There is a store near our flat here in London that carries a small container for about $12. I want it every day but have only caved once since discovering it.
  • Interlaken (photo 11) is the biggest town in the region, and they had a fantastic ice cream shop there that we (okay mostly I) loved called Gelateria Azzura.


  • We loved our stay at Hotel BΓ€ren! We picked it mostly for its location and the way the rooms faced to get an incredible view of the valley, but it turns out that the service was fantastic, the food was great, and the beds were super comfy. Every room has a patio with chairs so that you can sit outside, take in the fresh mountain air, and enjoy the view!