Quick stop in Bergen

I don't have the longest list of recommendations for Bergen, just because we made such a quick stop here and after seeing the fjords it felt a bit underwhelming, but it was definitely a charming town on the water with lots of beautiful buildings. But I will say it over and over again: if you can get yourself to Norway, get out of the cities and go to the fjords! It's unlike anything else in the world.

What to do

  • Bryggen - This is the old wharf in Bergen, a lovely setting. My favorite part is the row of colorful buildings right on the water. There have been several fires over there, and lots of rebuilding, so the buildings now are actually tipping over a bit. Let's hope they stay up because they still look great!
  • Floibanen - This is a funicular that will take you up to Mt Floyen (yes I know I am messing up some Norwegian letters in there but my keyboard doesn't have them!) for a view over the whole city. I always love seeing a city from above.
  • Edvard Grieg's home - Not only can you see a beautiful home in a beautiful setting where Edvard Grieg lived and composed much of his music, but they also have recitals here regularly, and this was a Bergen highlight for me.
  • Walking tour - I love exploring towns that have pretty old buildings and little winding streets, and Bergen was definitely this way. We had a guide take us all over, which was great, because we definitely would have gotten lost otherwise. 
  • Oreo dream bar - These delights that I previously mentioned in my Oslo post were available in Bergen as well, and boy was I happy to see them again!