What To Do

  • Frogner Park - I always love walking around a park in a big city. Frogner Park is filled with endless rows of flowers (if you are there during the right season, of course) and hundreds of sculptures designed by Gustav Vigeland of all different kind of people engaging in all different kinds of activities (it can get a little weird...). Probably the most impressive of them is the Monolith at the center, one large column with each person fighting to get to the top.
  • Holmenkollbakken - This Olympic ski jump is not only a spot for the professionals, but anyone can sign up to zipline down the length of it (um, not me) and for those of us that are wimpy, it provides a fantastic view of the city.
  • The Scream - Perhaps the most obvious to-do in Oslo, you have to see at least one of the three versions of Edvard Munch's The Scream that lives in the city (the fourth is privately owned after selling at auction for $120 million in 2012). The one pictured above is at the National Gallery, and the Munch Museum houses two more, including a pastel version. Both the National Gallery version and one of the two at the Munch Museum have been stolen and recovered, so it is pretty cool to see these saved artworks, and even to see some evidence of damage.
  • Royal Palace - It is a pretty modest palace (especially after you've seen what they have going on in Germany), but the setting is fantastic, I love the view down the street, and it is yellow!
  • Oslo Opera House - This is my favorite spot in Oslo, not only because they have a great opera, but because the building is SO COOL. You can walk all over it, even right up onto the roof. One of the aims of the project was to make it accessible to the people, and it really feels that way with crowds always buzzing about. One thing I really loved was taking a tour of it during a regular business day, so you could see costume makers and set designers busily at work, and we were even lucky enough to walk in on a rehearsal!
  • Oslo City Hall - It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the interior is filled with colorful, gorgeous mosaics. You can get lost in there for hours.

What To Eat

To be honest, the food in Oslo didn't blow me away, but the prices did. I think we spent $40 on a meal at McDonald's when we were trying to eat cheap. So while I did find Dolly Dimple's to have a delicious cheese pizza, there were a couple of treats that were good enough to go back for:

  • Hello Good Pie - A little pie shop serving mini pies that are tough to share. The lemon meringue was my favorite.
  • Deli de Luca - Hear me out. I know this is a convenience store, an alternative to 7-11, but they have something special inside of these little shops: the Oreo dream bar. It has an Oreo crust, a chocolate layer, a fluffy creamy layer that serves the purpose of cream filling (but it is so much better), and it is topped off with chunks of Oreo cookies. I get at least one per day whenever I am in Norway.

All of this being said, the real reason to go to Norway is to get out of the cities and out to the fjords! More coming up on that soon!