Budapest Eats

How do you gain weight in Budapest? Just eat Hungarian food. For anyone who didn't know (I didn't know), it is the bomb. I don't know how everyone there isn't obese. You will find lots of fried stuff, lots of cheese, and lots of sour cream. I was in heaven. Here were a few of our stops:


Pest Buda Bistro:

This is the chicken paprikash and it is maybe my favorite thing I ate the whole trip. Yes, I loved it even more than the sweets, which almost never happens. The thing that was so amazing about this dish (besides the delicious creamy paprika sauce made even more creamy by the sour cream) is the nokedli, which I had never heard of before. They call these things noodles, but they are not like the noodles I know. They are like big chunks of noodle, which is kind of amazing, because every bite of them is thick. Ahhhhhh it was SO GOOD.

This is Chad's beef goulash, which was totally yummy and flavorful and tender but I could hardly be bothered with it as I was busy inhaling my chicken paprikash.


Cafe Ruszwurm:

The cream cake was my favorite, and the best sweet we had all trip. It is just what it looks like, perfectly fluffy vanilla cream sandwiched between layers of crisp pastry. So simple and so perfect.

We also got this milkshake there which reminded me of those gigantic cups everyone carries around Vegas. I appreciated this dramatic presentation very much.



These you can get anywhere, they are in stands all over the city. I am always filled with so much joy when I encounter one of these pots of bubbling oil. You know something good is coming when you see one of those.

To make the fried dough even better, they cover it with SOUR CREAM AND CHEESE. Yes. We had several and I still think about them regularly.


New York Cafe:

You really have to eat here just to see it. The place is more impressive than the food.

However, their hot chocolate was top notch. Forget the beef goulash though.


Fülemüle Étterem:

We came here for more chicken paprikash after I couldn't get over it and tried to find it every day. This wasn't as good as Pest Buda Bistro's, but it was right by our hotel and still yummy.


Csalánosi Csárda:

Heart attack on a plate: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cheese, sour cream (I promptly tossed that orange). I was sublimely happy after eating this meal. And why have I never thought to eat my mashed potatoes and chicken this way?


Gelarto Rosa:

Can you believe what a work of art? I want to learn how to do this. And the salted caramel/oreo/chocolate combination was what dreams are made of.