Day Trip to Dorset

Over the weekend, we took a quick road trip down to Dorset to explore a bit of the coast and to see a bucket list spot of mine: Gold Hill! It was so lovely, I only wish we had more time. And I can't even imagine how wonderful it must be in the summer when you can go down to the beach in a swimsuit rather than a coat! Here were our stops and highlights:

  • Durdle Door - OBVIOUSLY! This was the main attraction, which must be obvious from the number of photos of it from above. We spent quite a bit of time enjoying it from a variety of view points, from down on the beach to far away cliffs (yes all of that wandering around made me tired!).
  • Man of War Cove - Just behind Durdle Door, I thought this cove was far superior to the more famous Lulworth Cove just about a mile down the coast. Can you believe the color of that water!
  • Jurassic Coast - These spots are all along the Jurassic Coast, so it might be repetitive to list it here, but there are pathways all along it so you can walk/hike/mosey around to your hearts content. The beach next to all of these cliffs and rock formations is so gorgeous.
  • Stair Hole - Right next to Lulworth Cove, this smaller cove is another spot that beats Lulworth Cove, in my opinion. The layers of rock look so cool. Wikipedia calls it "folded limestone strata." I don't know what that means, but perhaps if you are into geology you get it.
  • Lulworth - This is a really charming little town filled with adorable cottages and the cutest sweet shop ever that you can pop into for some fudge or ice cream!
  • Gold Hill - Our last stop of the day, I love the setting of these houses lined up a steep hill with the English countryside in the background. And we found the town itself to be lovely and the people to be very friendly, but that view is definitely the attraction.