Safari Series: Serengeti

We spent half of our time on safari in the Serengeti (two and a half of five days), and we saw so many animals there. Our guide, Godbless, prepared us to not get our hopes up and made it very clear that they couldn't guarantee we would see anything, so we were pretty blown away. I'm sure they do this so that everyone has a really incredible time. Well, it worked. We saw a million of the regular guys you can't miss (elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys), but we also saw loads of lions (sometimes fighting over dinner), and cheetahs and leopards, both of which crossed the road right in front of us. I think I took about 1,000 photos here, so below is my effort in narrowing those down.

^^A pretty unremarkable sign to greet you as you enter the Serengeti. Trust me, it gets better.

^^Zebras are a dime a dozen but I can't get enough of those stripes!

^^Godbless saw this cheetah SO far away that we could barely even see him (and his friend) through the binoculars. We were patient and eventually they walked all the way over to us and even circled around our jeep after we had this impromptu photo shoot.

^^This isn't even a big zoom. The cheetah was literally right next to our car.

^^I never thought ostriches were kind of gorgeous before this, but aren't they kind of gorgeous?

^^So cool to see that leopard climbing down the tree!! We think she went to go hunt for the baby up there that you can barely see.

^^It was obviously the coolest to see the animals, but we also LOVED admiring the landscape. It is unlike any place I have ever been and it felt like we were in the Lion King (even before we saw a lion).

^^How cute is this pair?? 

^^Lots of carsick hours spent in that car. Worth every minute of them.

^^Hi buddy!

^^Okay, giraffe, you win. Stop staring at me now.

^^Our favorite place we stayed: The Kati Kati Camp. We thought this would be the worst of our low-end accommodations, but we actually loved it. There is a king size bed and a shower inside of that tent! And we heard elephants walking around us at night.

^^This tree is pictured because there's a vulture in there that you can hardly see. For Henry.

^^Breaking rules by going off the road.

^^I think this was our first lion spotting and we about died.

^^Grateful to this leopard for sitting right by the road.

^^You think hippos are cute...until you see them in real life. They are SO GROSS. That was definitely our smelliest/loudest stop of the entire trip.

^^Ohhhhh, but still kinda cute?

^^The last lion we saw and the best located (right by the road).

^^The Maasai people, style on point.

^^The safari squad!! (Minus Godbless, not pictured, but someone has to take the pics)

The end. On to Ngorongoro!