Paris in the fall

Paris in the fall 0.jpeg

Every time I visit Paris, I love it more and more. My last trip was in the fall, and I think that this is Paris at its peak. I went for two weeks, mostly hung out by myself, and since I had already been to Paris several times, I just wandered from place to place soaking in how absolutely stunning this place looked covered in gold (along with some museum visits and the ballet, of course). And major bonus points for October/November being outside of tourist season! I have posted Paris recommendations before (things to do and most importantly, WHERE TO EAT), but here is a bunch of fall-time photos of one of the dreamiest places in the world...

^^We stayed right next to the Tuileries Gardens so I walked through here every morning to see these leaves update. This day was the best day.

^^Parc de Sceaux, a 20 minute ride on the RER B and without the crowds in central Paris. This place is a gem.

^^Parc de Sceaux again. Run, don't walk.

^^The Palais Garnier! It looks like this even when it's not fall, but it felt very seasonally appropriate to me in there. 

^^Some beauties from the Luxembourg Gardens. 

^^Instagram's most popular corner, for sure. I have never even eaten at that restaurant but I love to take its picture. Rumor has it it is delish.

^^Ombre trees!

^^Perks of traveling during the off season: an empty Palais Royal without any tourist photo ops happening!

^^Another tunnel of trees from Parc de Sceaux. Overkill? Sorry.