After finishing our safari (Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro), we flew PrecisionAir from a tiny airport in Arusha to a tiny airport in Zanzibar. We were lucky enough to witness a proposal on that flight, which made me bawl my head off in my unknowingly-pregnant/hyper-emotional state. If you were going there without being in Arusha already, you can take a ferry from Dar es Salaam if you have the stomach for it. It takes about two hours.


  • It is absolutely mandatory to take a boat out to Nakupenda Beach, a sandbar that only exists at low tide and that will ruin any other beach for you. That's the one with the see through water and white sand you see in the photos above and it was foolish of us to not go every day we were there. We booked our journey through Safari Blue and they also fed us a great big barbecue. Always appreciated.
  • I'm going to include The Rock here even though it is a restaurant because it is much more of a sight to see over a place to eat. Don't tell them I told you the food was super gross. But the drinks were great. And the restaurant is perched atop a rock in the ocean that you have to take a boat to and it's cool whether or not the food is good. Besides, there are plenty of other good places to eat.
  • Take a walking tour of Stone Town. It is a very cool city with so much character. The streets are narrow and winding, you will definitely get lost on your own, and there are so many gems of buildings, shops, and especially DOORS throughout!
  • I'm not a diver, but our friends that we went with went scuba diving at the Mnemba Atoll (you can book with Scubafish). Chad and I had a great time not diving, though. We wandered the beach and there were lots of resorts where we could set up shop. There were tons of those cool looking dhow boats out there!


  • I could talk for the rest of my life about the Indian food at The Silk Route. I made Chad go there with me multiple times. I love Indian food, and maybe I was just so over safari lunch boxes, but this was some of the best I've had. And they also had a killer bronie sundae, which doesn't hurt.
  • Emerson Spice is the most popular place in town and they thought we were basically crazy for asking for a table without having a reservation. After talking with five different people and something like half an hour, we made our way upstairs for a tasty, cozy meal. Plan ahead and make a booking!


We stayed at the new Park Hyatt Zanzibar and absolutely loved it. It is gorgeous, luxurious, and is perfectly placed on the beach with my favorite pool even blending into the ocean. It was so much fun to stay on the beach in Stone Town so that we could watch exciting games of football until the tide got too high, and those dhows passing by constantly, and the sunset over the water each night. They also welcome you with cookies and start every one of your days with a massive and delicious breakfast. I can't recommend it enough.